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Readers Respond: The Funniest Movie Line

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From the article: Funny Movie Quotes
Movie lines get etched onto our memory. Which is the funniest movie line you remember? Do share.

Harry Potter 7.2

'Dobby didn't mean to kill. Only maim or seriously injure.' - Dobby
—Guest Raze

Johnny Dangerously

How could everyone forget this timeless classic? "My Father hung me on a hook once Johnny... Once!"

Ace Ventura Going to a Suspect's House

"Hi! I'm looking for Ray Finkel... and a clean pair of shorts!"
—Guest Zero the Hero


There are a few: "Wow Mars Vegas, long live the eternal city-(Bender)-2...1...0!! (Mr.Wong)- [Explosion] REST IN HELL CRAPVILLE(bender) and know (Amy) You're having an affair with the head of the robot mafia don's wife?!?! (Bender) Yep this is her I'm making out with.
—Guest LeJake

17 Again

In the movie 17 again, the friend/fake dad of Zack Effron says this to the principal after they shake hands. "Our hands just made a baby."
—Guest 17againfan

Forrest Gump

"Ahm sorry ah got in a fight in the middle of yore Black Panther party!"
—Guest Jenny

Most Quotable Movie Ever

I'm so surprised nobody has said anything about the Princess Bride yet. Inconceivable!
—Guest Gyaaah


Which way is the vending machine? Guy points to the side, next thing you know, BAM! plane goes through.
—Guest cg


Liza's name in that movie is Linda! Gloria is the Hooker.
—Guest Rory M

Last Action Hero

When Benedict came up to the car mechanic and said to him, "Excuse me" and the mechanic said "Yeah, how can I help you?" He then walks up to him and said "Well," and shot the man. And soon after that he said "Hello i just shot somebody and I did it on purpose, I said I've just murdered a man and I want to confess". That he wanted to test a fuse.
—Guest Hart Descartes

Ghost Busters

When Murray and Sigourney Weaver are in bed together and sheis possessed by the demon. She says "I want you inside of me,"and Bill Murray says "Sorry, but I think there's someone already there!"
—Guest Hart Descartes


Pippin: you need people with a sort of intellegence on this sort of mission... quest... thing... (a minute later) so where are we going?
—Guest me

Dumb and Dumber

Policeman: "Pull-over!" Lloyd: "No it's a cardigan but thanks for asking!"
—Guest Mattymufc


"Surely you can't be serious doctor Rumack." "I am serious and don't call me Shirley."
—Guest amcauser@googlemail.com

"I have skills!"

I just love that line -- what was the name of the movie?
—Guest kittiwoman

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